We are engaged in creation of individual furniture. We have no serial or mass manufacture of the same products. Each our product is the exclusive thing created manually and is the embodiment of customer's idea and our skill and vision. We like to create something extraordinary, we like to combine natural materials, like to create style and mood that is not just furniture.

All our clients are creative and freedom-loving people. They work and live in spaces, not similar to anything. And we are glad to create such place for you or to decorate it with separate elements.

Furniture made to order - it is simple. You describe us your ideas or show a photo of the pleasant product, and we embody it in reality! Of course, everything occurs not so quickly, in the beginning we in details stipulate a furniture design, we trace sketches, we choose materials - and then we create!

Cases, dressers, kitchens and shelves, tables and chairs, beds, headboards, and much more - we do everything! Moreover, we are engaged in interior design "turnkey" - it can be the design of living rooms (individual rooms or the whole house / apartment), the design of offices, exhibitions, as well as restaurants and cafes.

We are the best who create furniture and interiors in the LOFT, INDUSTRIAL, GRUNGE, RUSTICUS styles!

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